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UK’s ‘worst street for broadband’ revealed where it takes 65 hours to download a film

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The UK's worst street for broadband speed is more than 800 times slower than the fastest, an annual survey has found. Kingsclere in Huntington, York, was identified as having an average speed of 0.22 megabits per second (Mbps), 830 times slower than Darwin Street in Livingston, Scotland, where average speeds stand at 182.52Mbps, according to uSwitch.com.

Kingsclere in Huntington, York, was identified as having the worst broadband speed in the country (Google)

The UK’s ‘worst street for broadband’ has been revealed with average speeds as low as 0.22 Megabits per second (Mbps).

Kingsclere in Huntington, York, was identified as having internet speeds 830 times slower than the fastest broadband in the country – which is found on Darwin Street in Livingston, Scotland.

The speeds are so dismal in Kingsclere that it would take, on average, around 65 hours to download a two-hour HD film from Netflix .

Meanwhile, residents in Darwin Street would need to wait less than five minutes for the same download.

Similarly, a 45-minute HD TV show would require 24 hours to download for those living in Kingsclere, while in Darwin Street it would take under two minutes.

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According to Ofcom, the UK’s average broadband speed should be 54.2Mbps (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The figures come from research by uSwitch.com , which looked at 122,845 speed tests carried out through the website over the last 12 months.

A 16-minute drive away from Kingsclere and the average speed in York Road, Elvington, is 135.56Mbps.

Superfast fibre broadband is available on seven out of the 10 slowest streets, including Kingsclere, suggesting that consumers are being deprived of a better service by a lack of awareness, uSwitch.com said.

According to Ofcom, the average UK download speed is now 54.2Mbps.

fiber optic

Fibre optic broadband is becoming more common around Britain (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

‘Our research reveals the digital divide running through Britain,’ said Dani Warner, broadband expert at uSwitch.com.

‘Residents living on one side of a city can be struggling with broadband as slow as molasses, while people just miles away are enjoying ultrafast speeds.

‘Lack of awareness regarding superfast broadband is one of the biggest obstacles stopping people from getting faster download speeds.’

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