Monday, October 10, 2011

Demey Definition of a Boombastic Test Style

In a blog post I talked about My Definition of a Boombastic Teststyle since there is no official Definition what Infrastructure Testing is. Recently I attended an event about Cloud Testing organised by Testnet.

One of the presentations was by Wim Demey and he talked about Infrastructure Testing. In this presentation, called Knock, knock, knockin’ on infrastructure’s doors he talked about the need and importance of Infrastructure Testing. He also gave his definition of Infrastructure Testing:

Infrastructure testing is any test activity performed as result of an intervention made on hardware, network and/or software components which are part of an integral infrastructure platform in order to facilitate applications in a managed and controlled way.

 I like the fact that this definition stresses the fact that Infrastructure testing is more about Chain Testing and not a single Test. So let's start with this Definition and see how we can enhance it.

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