Friday, September 30, 2011

The cloud of unknowing

Around the 14th Century an unknown author wrote the book "The Cloud of Unknowing". A guide to get into contact with God, not through knowledge and education but through love. Forgetting what you know and following your heart to reach the ultimate goal; understanding God. How different is today's Cloud, a place filled with knowledge and the urge to assemble as much understanding as possible.
The ancient "Cloud of Unknowing" teaches us how to reach God, but what do we reach with our modern "Cloud of Knowing"? What motivated medieval people to seek God and what is our modern motivation to seek Knowledge?
This blog post is not about companies, but just as in the "Cloud of Unknowing" about individuals, like you and me. Three companies offers us now a cloud. A search engine company, a music player and computer hardware & OS manufacturer and a server & client OS + Office firm.
All three offer a place to store our contacts, files, photo's, music, e-mail, etc. They offer us easy ways through mobile solutions (software and sometimes hardware) to get to their Cloud.
We all have our motivation to use the "Cloud of Knowing", but what is our motivation to use a specific provider? Is it the mobile phone, the services they provide or the "I have been using it for years" and/ or the "all of my friends use it" argument.
As testers we look at requirements and think about ways to test & validate these. But how can we do this for a Cloud environment? An interesting aspect about Infrastructure Testing I want to dive deeper into.
Keep following this blog and see what our "Knowledge in the Cloud" will bring us.


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