Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't get locked in

In my recent blog I advised not to skip Microsoft Windows Vista unless you are sure that it is possible. I am not biased to Microsoft and off course there is the option of moving away another platform. However there is always the issue of vendor lock-in.

The easier it is to move to another platform the less there is a problem with lock-in. Be aware though that this is a two way street. There are costs when moving from a Microsoft OS + Exchange Mail Server to a Linux + SendMail + Courier solution. However there are also costs if you decide to move back after a few years.

Remember that you should not choose Open Source but Open Standards. This makes migrating from one platform to another easier, but just as important cheaper.

Use ICUR to test several scenario's to make sure you don't try to free yourself from one vendor to be locked in by another.

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