Friday, October 3, 2008

"Common" Quality

As an Infrastructure Tester you need to test hard- & software. How can you make sure that you get the expected Quality? How can you for example measure and compare the Quality of the Configuration of a Router and a Mail Server?

If you try to define Common Quality Criteria for every Infrastructure Component you will face a big challenge. What is good in one situation, might be flawed in another. Every organisation has different Quality Criteria for their Infrastructure.

The trick is not to look at Quality Criteria, but at what you need to make sure that there is Quality. For this you need four items:

  • Version Number

  • Documentation

  • Testplan (& -report)

  • Automatic Installation

A version number is there for Administrative reasons; to make sure that you test the correct version of the soft- & hardware, read the correct version of the documentation, etc.

Documentation is crucial to obtain information and is used in static testing and prepare for dynamic testing.

A Testplan (and report) gives information about what is / should be tested and the results.

The use of Automatic Installation assures that every Configuration is installed identically.

If an Infrastructure Component is accompanied by these four Items you can determine the Quality. So next time you are asked to test a new Infrastructure Component or Release request these four supplements.

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