Friday, August 8, 2008

StackSafe Evaluation

In the last few weeks I tried to evaluatie StackSafe TestCenter. It turned out that my server did not support Intel VT or AMD-V so I could import, but not start imported machines. One could say that if a product installs, it should work. On the other hand in the documentation the requirement for virtualization support for the processor is mentioned.

So was this Evaluation a failure? I tend to look at the broader picture and try to learn from my experiences. The documentation I read was well written and as I found out the hard way correct. The support I got from StackSafe was quick to respond to my questions and very helpful in finding solutions.

Mailing and talking on the phone to the people from StackSafe, I have come to known them as very enthusiastic and dedicated to improve the product and service. In this fast moving market I can fully agree with them that it is more important to bring out new features, then support old hardware.

Again, was this evaluation a failure?. In my opinion just the hardware failed. I can't say anything about the software, because that did not run. What was a success was the attitude of the people at Stacksafe. They showed the dedication to compete in the market.

Next step? Move the old server out and get a new one in and then restart the evalution!

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