Friday, August 15, 2008

An Angel on your Shoulder

Alexander Pope once said "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread". Which I interpret as "think before you act". I am a big fan of Static Testing, which I translate as testing on the left side of the V-Model. The reason?, the earlier you find a Defect, the easier and cheaper it is to fix. I recently read Jeroen Rosink's blog about Request for Knowledge and I liked the idea of formalizing the process of gathering information.

With this approach you kill two birds with one stone. First, on the left side of the V-Model, the more information is documented beforehand, the easier it is to write a good Requirements Document which improves the Architecture Design. Secondly, on the right side of the V-Model, the chance of Request for Changes is reduced, which reduces the time for re-design/re-work/re-test.

In previous posts (1) (2) I already mentioned the need for Deep Knowledge for Infrastructure Testing. Architects, Business- and Information Analysts, should Request the Knowledge of System Specialists, Test Managers, End Users, etcetera to get as much Knowledge as early as possible.

Let these Angels help. Preferably while they sit on the Left Shoulder!

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