Friday, June 27, 2008

You are down with OPT?

The assignment for a Tester is often to verify the correctness of the technical implementation. What is just as important, is to verify the Organisation and Processes.

In Projects, when building a new Infrastructure the emphasis is too often on Technology. The hardware, OS, Application Software and Network are thoroughly tested to prove that everything "works correctly". What is often not tested is the impact on the receiving Organisation. Every Organisation has it's own dynamics. Some Organisations are quite static, where as other's change very quickly. Business Units come and go, managers take on different responsibilities and nothing is certain. Off course the new Infrastructure can cope with all this changes, but has it ever been tested....?

The same goes for processes. The ITIL processes such as Change-, Release- & Configuration Management must be fitted to the new infrastructure. In the "old situation" offering a new Application might involve building an Distribution Package and sending this to all the Client Computers. In the "new situation" you might need to change a Role and/or Permission, decide to distribute of virtualise the Application, and set up shared Data location. Is this process tested?

The focus of Testing should not only be on the Technical Implementation but the same attention should be paid to Organisation and Process. After all, once the project has ended that is where the money is spent...

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