Friday, May 9, 2008

The essence of infrastructure testing (Part 2): Deep Knowledge

In my first post about this subject, I mentioned that an Infrastructure Tester needs to have a deep knowledge of the components used. This is not that different from a Software Tester, he also needs to know a lot about what he is testing.

The difference is who decides what Functionality is available. If within a Software project some Functionality is not available, it is built. In an Infrastructure project, what you see is what you get. What often happens is, that other products are used to enhance the Functionality. This way the Requirements can be met. If I would write it down in mathematical terms:
Software Testing Requirements = Product
Infrastructure Testing Requirements ≈ Product + Product + ∞

In other words, a Software Tester checks if the Requirements are fullfilled by the Product. An Infrastructure Tester checks how much of the Requirements are covered by the Products used.

This is where deep knowledge about Products comes in handy.

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