Friday, April 4, 2008

What sound do you make?

This blog is not really about Infrastructure Testing, it is not even about testing at all. It is about attitude at work.

When I was very young I went on school camp. One of the things I remember was a presentation by a bee keeper. He told us how honey is produced, the role of the queen bee and the workers, etc. He also told us that he often took his bee colonies out to orchards to help pollination.

Allthough I went to a public school, we had one teacher that told us stories from the Old Testament. Using a slide projector to provide the pictures, he told the stories of the Tower of Babylon, the Battle of Jericho and Mozes. In the story of Mozes, Egypt endures Ten Plagues before the Jews are allowed to leave to Israel. The eight plague is that of Locusts, a swarm that ate all the Egyptian crops, leaving the Jewish crops alone.

What does all this have to do with your attitude at work? The question is do you help the organisation you work for or do you help yourself? Organisation often asked external consultants to help improve their business. The issue here is do they get a swarm of bees or a swarm of locusts?

Are you a bee and do you help the organisation you work for improve their business working on a win-win bases. Or are you a locust, trying to get as much as you can (skills, knowledge, influence, money,etc.) so you can increase the value of your CV and status for your next project?
Also look around you and what behaviour do you see in your co-workers?

Are you buzzing or chirping?

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