Thursday, April 17, 2008

Programmers, the real Pro's

Allthough Software Testers might disagree, System Engineers can learn a lot from Programmers.

In the old days System Engineers did not program. They left this to the Programmers and all was fine. In recent years, unattended installation and script based configuration is used more and more. This increases the need for Systeem Engineers to also do programming. In the last decades Programmers have found out the hard way what works and what does not work. I want to focus on two lessons learned.

The first is standardization. Standards for programming languages, tooling, coding, documentation, etc. helps to create a predictable and repeatable solution. This increases the speed of working and gives resilience to bad programming, since each script does not have to take care of error handling, logging, etc.

The second lesson learned is testing. Where in the V-model most System Engineers start with Interface Testing, Programmers have already done Unit - & Component Testing. These "extra" tests help reduce the need for Regression Testing and thereby the duration of the time to get to Production.

So if you are a System Engineer and need to start coding, have a look at how the "real pro's" are doing it.

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