Friday, April 25, 2008

Agile Infrastructure (Testing) Part I: The Start

In today's world there is no time for working slow, you have to work fast, or even better Agile. For Software Development the principle for working Agile have been defined in a Manifesto. When Developers started building Software based on Agile Principles, Testers came up with Agile Testing.

Slowly a connection between Agile and Infrastructure is developing as well. In this case it is mostly about an Infrastructure that can support (and not hinder) an Agile Development Environment. An Agile Infrastructure would be something like:
  • A new server?, you'll have this afternoon.
  • More Disk Space?, hold on just a second.
  • The latest patch for X?, wait an hour.

However today's reality is that Infrastructure nor Infrastructure Testing is not that Agile. This raises the question, if Infrastructure and Infrastructure Testing need to be Agile at all.

In a serie of Blogs I want to explore the (im)possibilities of Infrastructure (Testing) and Agile. Any ideas you have are very welcome. At the moment I think it is not a match made in Heaven. If they will be together at the end of the series? All will be revealed in the last episode!

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