Friday, March 21, 2008

Tell me where it hurts

This is a small excercise. I am gonna mention some tasks, skip to the next section if you start feeling uncomfortable:
  • Install new network cables
  • Iinstall a new server in the enclosure
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Make an Active Directory Design
  • Install a new Mail Server
  • Implement a Meta-Directory Solution
  • Migrate user- and backend applications (+ data) to a newer version & infrastructure
  • Implement a company wide security policy together with fully automated Identity & Access Management
  • Align the IT to the business targets
Did you manage to get to the last bullet, or did you have to stop earlier?
Infrastructure projects are often based on new technology & hardware; implementing the latest version of X on the top of the range hardware from Y. The connection with the business is sometimes not explicit. I am convinced that a good infrastructure is a real benefit to an organisation.

I would like to make a case, to not start infrastructure projects unless the organisation and IT are ready for it. So the people, procedures & policies should be in place before the projects start. To make this happen, infrastructure and business have to start working together.

Maybe that is were it hurts. Business and infrastructure have not been working very close in the past. However if you want to properly build and test a new infrastructure, you need to know the risks and requirements on which you can base your architecture and tests. So to make infrastructure more succesfull I go with the old saying: "No pain, no gain"

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