Friday, March 14, 2008

Agree to disagree, the infrastructure engineer vs. the infrastructure tester

The other day I was reading the blog
If Software testing was not a profession how would we call it then? on Jeroen's world of Software Testing. He describes how an set of actions could be a task for one person and a profession for the other.

The task of the infrastructure engineer is to keep the infrastructure running 24/7. Testing is focused on making sure that changes don't effect uptime. In ISO 9126 terms: Maintainability & Reliability. As an infrastructure tester it is your task to make sure the other quality attributes are also on the agenda.

From my work experience as a tester it has often been a big challenge to have the engineer look at the bigger picture. Architecture & requirements documents are often completely new for engineers.

Coming back to Jeroen's blog, in my opinion part of the profession of an infrastructure tester is looking at infrastructure from as many angles as possible.

Do you agree or disagree?

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