Friday, February 29, 2008

The essence of infrastructure testing (Part 1)

Searching on the Internet you will find a lot of information about testing. However, this mostly treats the testing of software. So what is infrastructure testing?

If you think of an IT environment as a house, there are several floors on top of each other. The network is the foundation and on top of that are components such as routers, storage, servers, operating systems, etc. The components are often from different vendors, who have designed, build and tested them according to their own architectural viewpoints. In an infrastructure architecture these components are put together based on the requirements that where specified. This based often based on general assumptions about the behaviour of the components.

Testing is making sure that the assumptions about the behaviour are correct. For infrastructure testing this requires a deep knowledge of the several components. So the difference is not in the way tests are performed, but in the required knowledge for a tester.

In future posts I will explain this using examples from my experience.

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